101 Reasons to Sack Brian Coleman
Reason 102 to #Sack Brian Coleman - “he attacked me and he was quite ferocious in his attack.”

image @BuzzingHelen was reported in The Daily Mail:

"…the councillor saw red and tried to wrestle the phone from Miss Michael in front of shoppers and traders, said Mr Mahal.

During the struggle, Coleman grabbed her breast and caused scratches and bruises to her wrists, he said. ‘She is trying to resist, he is the instigator of the attack, it is intentional and he has lost control of himself,’ he said.

The scuffle lasted for several seconds until a bystander pulled Coleman away…

…’He has given police three separate accounts. It is clear he attacked me and he was quite ferocious in his attack.’

She said of the assault: ‘One thing I remember, as well as his big face coming towards me, was a smell. I don’t think I realised what was happening, I just wanted to get away.’”

Since his conviction for this assault of a woman in the street, Brian Coleman has shown no remorse whatsoever.  He has not said sorry.  Rather, he has tried to shift blame for the attack onto his victim.  This is not the first time he has blamed a victim for being assaulted of course (see Reason #44)


Editor’s note - I had fully intended to leave this blog at 101 reasons only, but with the news that Brian Coleman plans to stand as an independent candidate in Totteridge at the next local elections, I decided to add this final reason, (it is a VERY good reason after all), to help the people of Totteridge make their decision come voting day.

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Reason 101 to #Sack Brian Coleman - Sleeping on the job

@Lokster71 tweeted:

Because he’s Brian Coleman? Is that not sufficient?

Yes perhaps it is.  Perhaps it is.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

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  2. Being mean to firefighters
  3. Removing pedestrian crossings
  4. Not Bothering To Show Up At Hustings
  5. Sporting hypocrisy
  6. Privatising bits of the Fire Service
  7. Doesn’t like bicycles
  8. Because he is the Weakest Link
  9. His ‘crap’ qualification
  10. "You’ve had your answer. Now get out."
  11. "You odious toad!"
  12. Filthy habits
  13. Bullying Mr Mustard
  14. Leaving the meter running, at public expense. For FIVE hours!
  15. Opposing the right to peaceful assembly and protest
  16. Saying British athletes medals are “tainted with the blood of Tibetans”
  17. Upsetting Nanny Annie
  18. Abusing and name-calling
  19. Calling for park’s destruction
  20. Disrespect of East Finchley residents
  21. 'Breathtaking arrogance'
  22. Because, (subliminally at least), Barnet Council must surely want you to
  23. Causing loss of business for local traders
  24. Crass comparisons
  25. Allegedly, DODGING the parking charges that HE PUT IN PLACE
  26. Sacking the lollipop ladies
  27. Smearing Sir Ian Blair as drunk
  28. Smearing Ken Livingstone as drunk
  29. Smearing the Fire Brigade as only striking over alcohol
  30. He is WANTED for the murder of Barnet’s high streets
  31. 'These people'
  32. Hogging the letters page
  33. Ted Heath cottaging claim
  34. He is a slum landlord
  35. Roads, roads and more roads
  36. Opposing eco-school
  37. Partingdale Lane
  38. 'Intimidating' charity worker
  39. Preventing vote on cyclist safety
  40. Preventing vote on cyclist safety *AGAIN*
  41. It is the most humane option
  42. Conservative voters want you to
  43. Being political while Mayor
  44. Blaming the victim
  45. Attracting flak to the police
  46. Privatising our parks
  47. Scrapping plans for much-needed bus stop
  48. He is a convicted law-breaker
  49. The £10,334.00 taxi bill
  50. £656.00 on taxis in just one day
  51. Threatening to sack all of London’s firefighters
  52. "Oh my God - he’s attacking them!"
  53. A further £1740.00 taxi bill
  54. Outsourcing the London Fire Brigade training for 25 years
  55. He’s not worth all the money
  56. Fine dining at our expense
  57. Interrupting two minutes silence for dead firefighters
  58. Ethnic intolerance
  59. He wants to close the London Fire Brigade Museum
  60. Allegedly parking in the Blue Badge bay
  61. The £4,157.00 taxi bill
  62. Smearing opponents, including an Israeli, as ‘Blackshirts’
  63. Labelling as ‘homophobic’ those who did not give him a job
  64. Vanity
  65. 'The King of Bling is Back'
  66. Awarding £12 million of public money to the company that wined and dined him
  67. Calling his constituents ‘idiots’
  68. Receiving ‘stolen’ goods?
  69. Ignorance
  70. Removing the road humps
  71. Opinionated and insulting to sustainable transport planners
  72. Condiment snobbery
  73. Human rights - my backside!
  74. Jaw-dropping hypocrisy
  75. New bullying storm
  76. Voting himself a massive pay rise
  77. "Repeated bad behaviour"
  78. He is rubbish at business
  79. Scrapping the Finchley festival
  80. Being so abusive that he broke the Code of Conduct
  81. Destroying family life
  82. Yet another offensive email
  83. Using GLA resources to warn off his critics
  84. He is Chicken
  85. Vindictiveness  
  86. Ballgown Bertha  
  87. Chucking out journalists to hide disgraced councillor
  88. He is a rubbish representative
  89. "none of the public’s business"
  90. The £8,231.00 taxi bill
  91. Free Dinners
  92. Immoral, disgusting and vile
  93. Taking £10,000.00 of our money for legal fees when he could have had FREE legal help
  94. Trying to bully a newspaper into not running a story about his conduct
  95. Even more free dinners
  96. The Cultural Desertification of Barnet
  97. He doesn’t like bloggers
  98. His public humiliation of Kate Salinger
  99. Verbally abusing a canteen worker, reducing her to tears - TWICE
  100. Telling struggling, single mum to live in the real world
  101. Sleeping on the job
Reason 100 to #SackBrian Coleman - Telling struggling, single mum to live in the real world

 @rithompson tweeted

Have you included the email he sent to the single mum facing eviction?

Good question!

Here is how Peter Dominiczak reported the story for the Evening Standard:


£120,000-a-year Tory tells desperate mother to ‘live in real world’

One of Britain’s highest paid councillors told a single mother facing eviction to “live in the real world” when she asked for his advice.

Brian Coleman, a senior member of Boris Johnson’s administration and leading Barnet councillor, responded to Sharada Osman’s appeal for help by telling her that people in her situation should “deal with their own issues”.

Ms Osman, 39, today accused him of “hypocrisy” and called for an apology. Part-time student Ms Osman has lived in North Finchley for six years with her six-year-old son Kylan, who has learning difficulties.

She wrote this month to Mr Coleman, who is said to earn almost £120,000 a year, asking for help after her private landlord increased the rent for her home from £950 to £1,100. In an emotional email, unemployed Ms Osman told the Tory Assembly member that she was writing to him “out of desperation in hope that someone can offer some help and guidance”. Ms Osman told Mr Coleman that she wanted to avoid having to apply for a council house.

Mr Coleman, chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, replied nine days later and suggested she turn to the private sector, saying: “There will never be enough council houses available.”

Ms Osman, who made clear she was living in private, rented accommodation, replied and said: “I am in complete shock by your lack of empathy and regard for my situation.”

One hour late Mr Coleman replied and said: “Lack of empathy?????? Councillors simply cannot conjure housing out of thin air and the private sector is your only option. That is a fact.

"I am afraid you have to live in the real world where the country has no money and residents will have to deal with their own issues rather than expecting ‘the system’ to sort their lives out. This correspondence is now closed."

Ms Osman told the Standard: “I cannot believe how much of a hypocrite he is. I was shocked and incredibly upset when he sent me that email. I felt like he was treating me like scum. I was genuinely asking for his help. I wasn’t demanding anything.”

John Biggs, Labour’s deputy leader on the London Assembly, said: “This is rank hypocrisy from a man who’s lived the high life at the public’s expense for years.”

Mr Coleman refused to comment.

An interesting footnote to this story is what David Hencke notes about Brian Coleman’s own ‘real world’ accomodation:

Brian Coleman represents Totteridge in Barnet but lives in West Finchley, N3.  He is a member  of the Finchley Methodist Church. They are his landlords and his flat has a registered fair rent of  £546 a month since 2008. That is about £125 a week…. According to local estate agents, the market rent for 2 bedroom flats is £1200 a month in his and neighbouring streets. Mr Michael Giles, the minister in charge of the charity, has declined to comment on the huge difference.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 99 to #SackBrian Coleman - verbally abusing a canteen worker, reducing her to tears - TWICE

 @adambienkov blogged:

More evidence of Brian Coleman’s tirades at staff

After watching yesterday’s shameful events [see Reason #87] I popped into the Fire Authority’s legal department to have a look through some documents.
Unlike at City Hall, the results of investigations into members of the authority are not published on the website.
If you want to see what the likes of Brian, or Bertha have (or haven’t) been up to then you have to go into the offices and ask. And you have to know what you’re asking for.
The documents I was interested in were the decision notices, which detail the results of Standards Committee investigations into members of the authority.
An official handed me a slim folder with all the notices published (hidden in a file) since the authority was set up.
They told me that one complaint about a member had been “withdrawn” from the file, although no explanation was given for this.
Looking through the remaining notices it soon became clear that there had been a change of policy within the last couple of years.
Whereas previously the names of the accused were included (as they are at City Hall) their names had been removed from the later complaints.
However, I could at least read them. Two were complaints about a suspended councillor’s continued role on the authority (Bertha Joseph obviously) but one was even more interesting.
I wasn’t allowed to photocopy it although I did take a sneaky picture of it on my phone.
Here’s what I transcribed:
A complainant alleged that a member of the authority had verbally abused a member of the canteen staff and had on a second occasion also behaved abusively to her.
The facts if proven, would constitute a breach of the LFEPA’s Members Code of Conduct paragraphs 3 (i) and possibly 3(2) (b)
However in light of
a) the lapse of time since the events complained of
b) the apparent fact that an apology on behalf of the member concerned had been conveyed to the member of the catering staff concerned and
c) the apparent unwillingness of the member of catering staff to pursue the matter; the Sub Committee decided that no further action should be taken.
This document corroborates my story from last September that
  1. A member of the Authority’s catering staff claimed that Coleman had launched into an “aggressive and rude” tirade against her.
  2. The woman, who was employed within the brigade headquarters, said that Coleman had reduced her to tears on two separate occasions.
  3. The brigade’s Director of Resources Barbara Riddell personally apologised for the incident on Coleman’s behalf.
This “aggressive and rude” behaviour is also why Brian was forced out of his job as Chairman of a National Fire organisation last week.
At yesterday’s meeting he told the authority that they could read "an exclusive account" of the “real reason” for his departure in the Local Government Chronicle next week.
The “real reason” is that he is a liability. After yesterday’s dreadful publicity, even Boris Johnson should realise that by now.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 98 to #SackBrian Coleman - his public humiliation of Kate Salinger

A couple of correspondents have emailed me about this incident.  As one of them pointed out:

It is a story which combines troughing, bullying and disregard for the electorate who thought they had elected Tories. 

The Barnet Times covered the story well.  Here is an excerpt:

THE removal of a Conservative councillor from all her committee posts after she refused to vote for a massive pay hike for cabinet members [see Reason #92] has been greeted with derision by opposition groups.

Councillor Kate Salinger was stripped of all her duties moments after abstaining from the vote on Barnet Council’s allowances system, which gave top Tories bumper pay increases.

After the meeting Councillor Brian Coleman denied the only way to get some Tory members to vote for the measures was to threaten to withdraw the whip, adding about Cllr Salinger’s removal: :“That’s discipline for you. It’s the democratic process in action.”

My other correspondent noted that:

In comments made to the local press after the meeting, Coleman expressed his view that he thought residents would be 'delighted' with the new allowance increase.

Let’s remind residents of that thought, and let them tell him how delighted they are on May 3rd.


#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 97 to #SackBrian Coleman - he doesn’t like bloggers

When Brian Coleman become Mayor of Barnet, this is what he promised in his acceptance speech;

…to defeat damaging bloggers, and also confront the constant criticism of politicians, both locally and nationally which only serves  “to reduce voter turnout and help party’s like the BNP”.

Mayor Coleman said: 

“There are a few people that I would not like to thank, those bloggers that think anyone involved in civic life whether it is an elected politicians or professional officers is fair game for personal abuse and whose mission it is to undermine and denigrate. Whilst mayor of this borough I will not tolerate anyone in this chamber or outside who regard it cool and trendy to undermine democratic institutions, and I do not have time for those who have community criticism rather community service”.  

Take a look dear reader through the Reasons in this blog and consider whether it is bloggers, or perhaps Brian Coleman himself who should shoulder more of the blame for voter apathy.  And when it comes to undermining, denigrating and personally abusing, I give you - Reasons #97, #80, #79, #72, #67, #65, #63, #62, #38, #29, #28, #27, #18, #11, #10 and #1. 

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 96 to #SackBrian Coleman - the Cultural Desertification of Barnet
An anonymous correspondent has emailed me with this hum-dinger of a Reason:
I should like to see Brian Coleman sacked because, during his time in office(s), Barnet has lurched towards becoming a cultural desert.  Church Farmhouse Museum in Hendon has closed, Barnet Museum is under threat and libraries are also being threatened.  The architect of this assault on the heritage sector in Barnet is Councillor Robert Rams (although “architect” does imply a degree of competence).  Rams sat in Barnet Museum once and asked,  ”…Why does Barnet need a museum anyway?”  One of his senior officers stated “Barnet Council does not do heritage”.  This is at a time when Barnet needs to emphasise its selling points, its uniqueness, its history and its heritage in order to promote its community and bring people to the High Streets.

And Robert Rams is whose protege?  None other than BRIAN COLEMAN (who of course famously ridiculed the Fire Sevice Museum)[see Reason #59]

I follow Barnet Alliance for Public Service (BAPS) and support its aims.  I have not been as outspoken as I should have been simply because I fear that the Council is not beyond taking vindictive action against critics [see Reason #85].

Another correspondent who also said they:
Would rather stay anonymous
Emailed me to point out that Brian Coleman is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  This means he has signed up to a charter which includes:
We inspire innovative thinking by promoting new ideas, and being open-minded and creative in our approach. We enable positive change by leading, contributing or encouraging pioneering initiatives and being generous in sharing resources and skills. We support each other by working collaboratively and creating an enlightened space in which to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.
Hmm, that doesn’t sound like Brian Coleman’s library and museum-closing club to me.  Perhaps he thought that FRSA stood for something else when he joined up.  Something beginning with ‘Free’ perhaps.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd
Reason 95 to #SackBrian Coleman - Even more free dinners

How much free food can one man eat?  Here’s @BarnetEye following up his initial ‘Free Dinner Register' (see Reason #91), with yet more free feeds:


The Brian Coleman Free Dinner register - Fire Brigade Special Edition !!!!!

*** Yet Another Barnet Eye World Exclusive *** 

As regular readers will no doubt be aware, the disgraced Mayor of Barnet, the only Mayor in the history of Barnet to have been found guilty of breaching the Standards Code whilst in office, has a second job, Courtesy of Boris Johnson. He’s the Head of London’s fire services. Regular readers of this column will know that Brian Coleman is currently using this job to push through changes to the working conditions. These are basically mean, penny pinching measures designed to make the job more unpleasant for these brave men and women.

You’ll doubtless be pleased to know that it isn’t all work for Mayor Coleman at the LEFPA, he gets the opportunity to do what we all know he’s best at - Yup, there’s a whole swathe of dinners not covered in the GLA list of Free dinners. Here’s three Bitesized chunks from the Fire Brigades hospitality register. I’ve got a little game for you. Count how many Free dinners Brian Coleman has whilst doing his job, then count up everyone elses. Who do you think guzzled more Posh Nosh - Big Bad Brian or the rest of them put together. And here’s an even better conundrum did he nosh more before or after Boris promoted him.

Here’s  tasty Bite number one :-

Yup so Far Brian Coleman 6 - The rest 2 (April to July 2009)

Now lets try Bite Number two :-

Yup it was tighter in this period July 2008 - April 2009, but Good old Mayor Coleman squeezed it through beating the rest of the world by the odd dinner 6-5.

And now for our third big tasty dollop of dinners :-

Yup, a stunning victory for Brian Coleman. Even in the pre Boris era, he trounced the rest of the world 13-7. When it comes to guzzling dinners at someone elses expense, there is no one who can touch our very own Mayor Coleman. 

Now of course the Barnet Eye in no way implies that there is anything in anyway untoward about all of these dinners being scoffed. I mean if people want to treat Brian Coleman to a slap up dinner it’s their business. I just wonder how many more Free Dinner registers there are with dinners we don’t know about lurking around out there. And for Gods sake please, someone, give him a free Gym membership, I’m getting really worried about the state of our esteemed Mayor’s arteries with all of these dinners.

Check the full document here - http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/Documents/FEP1436.pdf 

And you may like a peek at this as well - http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/Documents/brian_coleman_expenses.pdf - Mr Colemans on-line fire brigade expenses.I notice that unlike the rest of us, Mayor Coleman gets Boris to pay his congestion charge. Nice work if you can get it !!!!!
Reason 94 to #SackBrian Coleman - trying to bully a newspaper into not running a story about his conduct

The Barnet Times is the newspaper in question.  This is their report:


Top Barnet Tory tries to gag Times Series over £10,000 legal bill 

5:14pm Friday 15th May 2009 in News By Rebecca Lowe

Denial: Brian Coleman tried to bully this paper into dropping the story

A SENIOR Tory politician tried to gag the Times Series to stop it reporting a standards committee investigation into his conduct.

Barnet councillor and assembly member Brian Coleman, due to be sworn in as borough mayor on Tuesday, has been awarded up to £10,000 of taxpayers’ money to cover his legal fees after a resident alleged he had breached the members’ code of conduct [see Reason #93].

He rejected the law firm chosen by the council’s insurers in favour of Beachcroft LLP – one of the largest and most expensive commercial law firms in the UK.

But when the story was reported yesterday, the cabinet member for community safety claimed falsely he was not the councillor involved and threatened this paper with criminal proceedings if his name was published.

Speaking to The Times Series, he said:  “This investigation has absolutely nothing to do with me, nothing whatsoever, and if you say otherwise you will be hearing from my solicitor.”

An email from his solicitors, Beachcroft, then demanded the story be removed from the website or they would "refer the matter to the appropriate authorities for action".

The council refused to confirm if the lawyers were acting for Mr Coleman in a private or public capacity.

Beachcroft said the Local Government Act 2000 prevented the disclosure of information obtained in a standards committee investigation.

Publishing Mr Coleman’s name would therefore a breach of confidentiality and could result in a two-year jail term or fine.

But The Times Series legal team disputed this claim, arguing that Mr Coleman’s identity was not a confidential part of the officers’ investigation.

They also pointed out that Mr Coleman’s name had already been confirmed by council leader Mike Freer and was therefore a matter of public record.

Mr Freer approved the £10,000 indemnity for his cabinet colleague on Monday.

The payment will not be reviewed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee because Mr Freer marked the matter “urgent”, bypassing normal procedures.

The leader said he approved the decision because the company was London-based and had “considerable experience” of standards board issues in the capital.

He added: "Being able to see a local specialist could be more cost-effective than having to pay a Cardiff-based solicitor its hourly rate to travel to London.

"We took out the insurance on the understanding we would have access to local specialists.

"The urgency was because the standards board had already started their enquiries and Councillor Coleman was being asked for statements and to attend interviews before the issue with the insurers had been resolved."

The Barnet Standards Committee launched the investigation against Mr Coleman on March 24 following an allegation from a member of the public.

Mr Coleman has also attracted criticism as chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, who claimed in March that he was “too confrontational” and “lacked interest” in them.

The council said it could not reveal details of the allegation until a decision has been reached for legal reasons.


Reason 93 to #SackBrian Coleman - taking £10,000.00 of our money for legal fees when he could have had FREE legal help

The Not the Barnet Times blog told the story:


In a week when MPs have been exposed as a bunch of money-grabbing, self-serving parasites, Barnet Council Leader, and wannabe MP for Finchley, Mike Freer has awarded £10,000 of taxpayers’ money to one of his Cabinet colleagues who is being investigated by the council’s Standards Committee [Brian Coleman].

Can you guess which councillor it is? [ahem…its Brian Coleman]

Since 2007, the council has taken out insurance to provide cover for councillors facing investigation. But this little piggy [Brian Coleman] decided that he didn’t like the solicitors chosen for him by the insurance company. He wanted Beachcroft’s instead - one of the top firms in the country.

When officers were clocking up legal bills which ran into hundred of thousands of pounds, Mike Freer (then only Deputy Leader) questioned why such expensive firms had to be used when there were cheaper alternatives. But it seems that when it comes to looking after one of his mates, Mike is happy to splash the taxpayers’ cash.

Freer declared his decision to award the money as “urgent”, which means that the Cabinet Overview & Scrutiny Committee cannot now question him as to why we have to pay £10,000 for something which the council’s insurers were willing to provide for nothing. 

This is yet another abuse of the democratic process from a man who is unfit to hold public office.

UPDATE: The taxi loving councillor [Brian Coleman] is being investigated by the council’s own Standards Committee, not the Standards Board for England as previously stated. This actually makes the “urgency” issue even more serious. Given that the council is conducting its own investigation, it can set its own timetable. There was no urgency. This was just a flagrant abuse of process.


#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 92 to #SackBrian Coleman - immoral, disgusting and vile

Brian Coleman and his Conservative friends running Barnet Council voted themselves a HUGE pay rise in 2010.  Brian Coleman voted for his own allowances to increase by almost 100 per cent(!), from £17,454.50 to £34,780 (NB -this allowance is for just one of his four (four!) jobs - see Reason #55 for a breakdown of his annual £128,000.00 of public money)

Here’s the stinging reaction to this money-grabbing, from no less a person than a senior, local Conservative in the Barnet Times:

Conservative association member and Chairman of the Hendon and West Hendon Conservative groups, Adrian Murray-Leonard, brands party colleagues on Barnet Council ‘greedy vultures’ over allowance hike

A SENIOR Tory party member in the borough has branded the ruling administration “immoral, disgusting and vile” over their decision to vote through huge pay hikes.

Chairman of the Hendon and West Hendon Conservative groups, Adrian Murray-Leonard, said he was “incandescent with rage” after hearing elected members of the council had agreed as a majority to approve allowance increases for senior cabinet members.

And when he tried to question council leader Lynne Hillan over the move while she was on holiday last week, he claims he was dismissed and given no real justification.

Mr Murray-Leonard, who received 2,130 votes when he stood for the ward seat of West Hendon at the council elections in May, admits having a “heated” discussion with Cllr Hillan, but was shocked to be summoned to a hearing in front of a group of councillors.

In an email sent to Mr Murray-Leonard, Councillor Hugh Rayner, deputy chairman of the Hendon Conservative Association (HCA), states: “There has been some in recent days concern about the way in which you have expressed your opinions.

“In no way wishing to curb your enthusiasm, I would like to formally invite you to come to [the meeting] in order that you can discuss with HCA Officers any concerns you may have.”

Mr Murray-Leonard said he initially considered standing down from the association over the matter, but has reconsidered after finding support from party members both locally and nationally.

He said: “My reaction is purely based on principle, there is no malice in it.

“To take the decision to increase allowances is immoral, disgusting and vile. It is a crazy situation. I don’t have a problem with the party, it is the people, they are greedy vultures and I don’t want to be associated with them.

“Most of them are in it for themselves. They are living under an illusion of grandeur. Most of the people who are getting whipped to make the decision should stand up against it.”

Mr Murray-Leonard first joined the Conservative Party in 1985 but believes those who were elected in May have misled voters.

He said: “I cannot understand it. It is not what I stood for. If it goes through, then in future, I would stand as an independent.

“It makes us all look like liars. I am sorry for the people of West Hendon. I didn’t expect this. If I had known about it a year ago, I would not have stood.”


#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 91 to #SackBrian Coleman - Free Dinners

 @BarnetEye blogged this now classic list back in 2008:


Councillor Brian Coleman - The Free Dinner register

I happened to be looking at the Gifts & Hospitality register for the London Assembly. There are 25 members. Any gifts or hospitality received from any person which has an estimated value of £25 or more is registered. This is available at the London Assembly website (click HERE)

I was interested to see that of the 311 entries for all the members, just under a quarter were made by one member. You guessed it - our very own Brian Coleman. Here’s the list and who’s been treating him. For a man on £85,000 a year (paid by us), thats rather a lot of free dinners !!!! There are many things I could say about the list, but I rather think it speaks for itself. I’ve listed the date, detail and provider as per the register. You can have a look at the other members entries as well.

I would suggest that with all those nice free dinners and nice drinks, maybe one of his rich friends may wish to donate him a cholesterol check and a liver function test.

British Retail Consortium Dinner at Grosvenor House Hotel
British Retail Consortium
Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood & Keats House Management Committees Dinner at Salters Hall, EC2 
Corporation of London
Corporation of London Dinner at Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool at the Hilton Hotel 
Corporation of London
Dinner at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool 
Sita UK
Conservative Friends of Israel Conservative Party Conference Lunch at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool 
Conservative Friends of Israel and Mr David Lewis CBE
Visit to Cyprus to attend events organised by the Municipality of Morphou to protest against the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. Flights with Cyprusair to and from Larnaca, 3 nights bed and breakfast at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia. 
12th October, 
Dinner at Cyprus sporting Centre Nicosia. 
13th October, 
Formal Dinner at Hilton Park Hotel Nicosia. 
14th October 
lunch at Annivas Restaurant, Astromeritis, 
14 Oct 
Dinner at Miloi Restaurant Dhali Village. 
15th October 
Lunch at Evohia Restaurant, Nicosia 
Morphou Municipality, 16 Z. Sozou, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus
Lunch at Byzantino Restaurant in Laiki Geitonia, Cyprus
Union of Municipalities of Cyprus
Illustrated book about Morphou 
"Morphou Municipality, 16 Z. Sozou, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus
British Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group 15th Anniversary Banquet at the House of Lords 
British Armenian All Party Parliamentary Group
Two Tickets for the The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival Mayor of London Gala performance of Lust, Caution at the Odeon West End & after film party
The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival in association with Universal Pictures International, Focus Features, the Mayor of London, Film London and The London Development Agency
Cripplegate Ward Club Annual Banquet at Butchers Hall, EC1 at which I was the guest speaker
Mr Andrew Hardy, Master
Lunch at the Offices of the Board of Deputies of British Jews as guest speaker, Glass paperweight
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Lunch at the Haven Restaurant, Whetstone, N20
Mr Tom Nathan, Gerneral Manager Brent Cross Shopping Centre
Printed T Shirt Coalition to Investigate the Presecution of Falun Gong in China
Museum in Docklands Annual Dinner, Book Rough Crossing by Simon Schama
Museum of London (corporate event- no name given)
Bottle of wine (thank you present for opening art exhibitions)Finchley Art Society
4 Grandstand Seats to view Lord Mayor’s Show Procession,4 Tickets for Lunch at the Barbican, 4 Tickets to view Lord Mayor’s Show Fireworks
Corporation of London- David Lewis
Lord Mayor’s Banquet at the Guildhall 
Lord Mayor (David Lewis) and Sheriffs of the Corporation of London
Lunch at the House of Commons 
NHS Confederation
Association of Rizokarpasso Annual Dinner and Dance at the Pendridge Banqueting Suite, N11 - attended by myself and Mrs Gladys Coleman” 
Mrs Mary Karaolis, Association of Rizokarpasso
Dinner in honour of the Mayor of Morphou 
The Greek Brotherhood
Lunch at Number 12, Ambassadors Hotel, 12 Upper Woburn Place, WC1Cllr Keith Moffitt
Democratic Party of Green Cypriots in England Annual Dinner and Dance at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, Russell Square, WC1Mr Michael Ellinas. 
Democratic Party of Green Cypriots in England
Democratic Rally UK Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, W1
Democratic Rally UK, Mr Andreas Papaevripides
1 bottle of Armenian brandy 1 book about Armenia (Diary) 
The Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in London
London Government Dinner at the Mansion House 
The Lord Mayor of London
Showing of Film “”No Country for Old Men”” at the Phoenix Cinema, as part of Phoenix Theatre Restoration Project Launch” 
Mr Paul Homer Chief Executive Phoenix Cinema Trust 
Phoenix Cinema 52 High Road, N2 9PJ
Greater London Scouts Annual Regional Dinner at New Scotland Yard
Mr Dean J Milton, Regional Scout Commissioner for Greater London
2 tickets for Annual London Mayors’ Pantomime and reception at the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford 
The Mayor of Redbridge Cllr Mrs Joyce Ryan
Lunch at Gilgamesh Restaurant, NW1
imon Pitkeathley, Chief Executive Camden Town Unlimited
Bottle of Wine 
Mrs Sandra Berzon Chairman Hampstead Synagogue Ladies Guild
Lunch at the Haven Restaurant, Whetstone, N20 
Cllr Ian Clement
Lunch at “”Le Cage Imaginaire”” restaurant, 16 Flask Walk, NW3” 
Alderman Bob Hall
Book on the Luxembourg Palace, Leather Writing Case 
Cross Party Group of Members of the French Senate on official visit to City Hall
Bottle of Glenfiddich Whisky 
Chairman of the Camden Chinese Community Centre 9 Tavistock Place, WC1, Ms Kim Suan Tan
Lunch at the Haven Restaurant, Whetstone, N20, Bottle of Greek Brandy 
Mrs Ellie Adreopoulos
Pair of “”gold effect”” cuff links 
City of Osaka
Worshipful Company of Gardeners Banquet at the Mansion House 
Sir Gavyn Arthur QC, Master
Greek Orthodox Community of St Katherine Annual Dinner and Dance at London Marriott Hotel, 128 King Henry’s Road, NW3 3ST 
Mr and Mrs Euros and Ellie Andreopoulos
Lunch at Lloyds of London 
Lord Levine, Chairman, Lloyds of London
Community Security Trust Dinner at Grosvenor House 
Mr Gerald Ronson, Chairman, Community Security Trust
Westminster Civic Dinner at Lord’s Ground, Marylebone, London NW8The Lord Mayor of Westminster, London Borough of Westminster
Local Government Chronicle Awards Dinner at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, W1
Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet
Rotaract European Conference Grand Buffet Dinner and Ball at the Novotel in Hammersmith 
Mr Colin Matthews, District Governor, Rotary in London
Lunch at The Haven Restaurant, Whetstone 
Katie Davies of the Hampstead and Highgate Gazette
Lunch at the Cavalry and Guards Club 
Mr Vahe Gabrielyan
Lunch at the Butlers Wharf Chop House 
Mr Martin Day of Government Affairs (Services) Ltd
Lunch at Strada, More London SE1” 
Tim Donovan, BBC London TV
Lunch at Wolseley Restarant, Piccadily, SW1 
Mr Tony Hutt
Dinner at Stanmore Golf Club for 2 poeple. 
Potted plant in return for speaking engagement. 
Mr Peter Leapman, Stanmore Branch Conservatives
English Heritage Commission dinner at Westminster City Hall
Lord Bruce Lockhart, Chairman English Heritage”
Conservative friends of Israel annual business lunch at the Dorchester 
Lord Steinberg and Mr Andrew Heller, Conservative Friends of Israel
Ashmole School Grand Ball 
Mr Jeff Kaye, Chairman of the governors, Ashmole school
Opening reception and dinner of the 2nd International Conference on Gonadotropins at Theobalds Park, Cheshunt, Herts where I gave the “”Welcome to London”” speech” 
Professor Ray Iles, Associate Dean - Research Middlesex University
The Board of Deputies of British Jews President’s Dinner
Mrs Flo Kaufman, Vice President, Board of Deputies of British Jews
Lunch at the Haven Restaurant in Whetstone, N20 
Mr Julius Oberegger
2 tickets for North Middlesex Golf Club Summer Concert by Barnet Schools Wind Orchestra and refreshments 
Mr Alan Henshaw, North Middlesex Golf Club”
Bottle of Red Wine 
Mr Paul Davis, Chairman, Totteridge Residents Association
Lunch at La Cage Imaginaire, 16 Flask Walk, London NW3
Cllr Edward Argar
Dinner to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Boys Brigade at the House of Lords 
The Boys Brigade
Dinner at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham
Mrs Theresa Villiers MP
Corporation of London Dinner at Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham at the Malmaison Hotel, Birmingham
Mr Stuart Fraser, Corporation of London
Conservative Friends of Israel Conservative Party Conference Lunch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham
Mr David Lewis CBE, Conservative Friends of Israel
2 tickets for Loomba Trust Gala Diwali Dinner at the Banqueting House, Whitehall SW1
Mr Raj Loomba
Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Keats House Management Committees Dinner at Tallow Chandlers Hall
Alderman Bob Hall, Chairman of the Hampstead Heath Committee, Corporation of London
Visit to Cyprus to attend events organised by the Municipality of Morphou to protest against the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. Flights with Cyprusair to and from Larnaca, 3 nights bed and breakfast at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia. Dinner on the 
10th October
lunch and dinner on the 11th and 12th October and lunch on the 13th October in Local Restaurants. 
Morphou Municipality, Government of Cyprus, Union of Municipalities of Cyprus
Royal Society of St George Lunch in London’s Living Room at City Hall 
Mr Stephen Lane
Dinner at the Haven Restaurant in Whetstone 
The Mayor of Barnet, Cllr John Marshall
Cyprus Independence Dinner at The Atrium, 4 Millbank, SW1
Mr Haris Sophoclides The Greek Cypriot Brotherhood
Bottle of wine received as thank you present for speaking engagement
Mr David Berzon The Bnai Brith Raoul Wallenberg Lodge, Hampstead”
Lunch at the Butler’s Wharf Chop House 
Matt Nixson News of the World
Boat trip to and from Greenwich, buffet supper and refreshments and presentation aboard HMS Illustrious
The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band KCB ADC Royal Navy Presentation Team
Lunch at the House of Commons 
London NHS Confederation
4 Grandstand seats to view Lord Mayor’s Show Procession, 4 tickets for lunch at the Barbican, 4 tickets to view Lord Mayor’s Show Fireworks
Corporation of London
Lord Mayor’s Banquet at the Guildhall 
The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the Corporation of London
Two tickets for Music for Youth Concert at the Royal Albert Hall and refreshments 
Michael C Doughty, Music for Youth

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd
Reason 90 to #Sack Brian Coleman - The £8,231.00 taxi bill

In just one year 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008, Brian Coleman took £8,231.00 of public money to pay his cab expenses - nearly half of all the cab expenses of the Mayor and 25 assembly members put together.  This squandering of our money was very much in the same league as his famous, previous year’s taxi bill in excess of £10,000.00 (See Reason #49).

As the BBC pointed out, Brian Coleman incurred these costs:

…despite having free a Travelcard.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 89 to #SackBrian Coleman - “none of the public’s business”

Brian Coleman was the only London Assembly member to refuse to voluntarily publish details of their expense claims in a move towards greater transparency following the Parliamentary expenses scandal.

The Guardian quotes him as saying that his expenses:

"none of the public’s business".

"They are not entitled to drool over our personal lives. I’m not going to help the mad, bad and the sad, the bloggers on the internet. I’m not pandering to mob rule. It undermines democracy to suggest that all MPs, all politicians are the spawn of Beelzebub."

"Politicians with lower expenses tend to be the politicians who do least work. Those with higher expenses are the ones who do most work."

None of the public’s business?  Its our money you’re spending!

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd

Reason 88 to #SackBrian Coleman - He is a rubbish representative
Brian Coleman’s constituent, Peri Gee emailed me this reason:
If you ask him a question about, say, parking, he passes it on to an officer who, in my case came back with a four paragraph response which clearly did not address the issues I raised. 

He now refuses to answer any further questions.

#SackBrian Coleman on May 3rd